Development Consultancy - DGS was formed to fill a niche in the market using an evolution of traditional, process driven models. We provide a thorough guide to completing property projects in Ghana, as smoothly and safely as possible. As building overseas may not be as straightforward as it should be. We deliver customer-centered solutions with our comprehensive partner network, facilitating bespoke property services. We aim be the most trusted reference for lifestyle
and investment property in Ghana.


The main reasons people think building overseas is risky, are:

  • Differences in applicable laws and legal systems governing real estate transactions;

  • Language barriers, particularly legal jargon, which unfortunately exists in all countries;

  • The feeling of lack of control over the process, which arises due to you not being based in the country you are purchasing in.

  • The fear of being defrauded and losing money, as well as precious time.


At DGS, we fully understand and appreciate these concerns. We have made continuous investments, to keep pace with technological advances. Allowing us to compile solid guidelines and recommendations, to advise you on how to minimise and eliminate risks, every step of the way. As your chosen Consultant we deliver close analysis of the best practices, as well as a great deal of experience.





Dynamic demographic factors and good economic figures have enabled Ghana to increasingly become the choice for foreign investors, interested in setting up businesses and purchasing real estate. There has been an increase in demand for homes and offices in the recent years, as more global companies and foreigners demand commercial and residential real estate.


We guide buyers through the complicated processes of lifestyle planning & property acquisition*. We can help if you are on the lookout for contemporary properties. ​Every new build sourced, has quality facilities built-in & normally situated within a secure, gated residential estate.​


Our Joint Venture Partnerships are designed for developers who are interested in working on a 100% funding, profit share model. JVP is ideal for developers who want to build for investment purposes but don’t necessarily have the cash to do so.


Within DGS, we have;

- architects & interior designers, who specialise in contemporary and luxury homes

- land planners, who have the right contacts within local municipalities in order to facilitate acquisition of construction licences

- reliable contractors, who have been providing us with quality construction since 2017.


We are your sole point of contact and project partner. We are responsible for managing and monitoring each and every stage of the process.


*Funding can be sourced, in accordance with your projects.

DG Solution is a U.K. based Consultancy firm, which aims to help its clients grow their overseas property portfolio by placing them with quality tradesmen.